Issue with AT & T broadband service

AT&T’s U-verse broadband service Monday that a few clients stated affected each Television & Net service. “Earlier today, a power-related issue triggered a loss of a lot of Tv channels for U-verse clients,” AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel stated by means of email around midday, Pacific Time. “Technicians worked to swiftly resolve the difficulty & about 95 percent of impacted channels are restored, with remaining channels coming back up. We apologize for this inconvenience.” Comments from the carrier’s @uverse Twitter account earlier had said the difficulty apparently knocked out national Television channels. But countless commenters on Twitter & user forums stated they had lost U-verse World wide web and local Television service as well.

A variety of mentioned the service interruption had lasted about 3 hours. User reports of outages rose sharply soon after 10 a.m. Eastern Time and peaked at 2,608 reports about an hour later, in accordance with , which monitors social media and other sources for info about online service failures. The level of incoming reports had dropped below 300 by about 1 p.m. Eastern Time. AT&T declined to comment on World wide web outages that subscribers reported. U-verse is AT&T’s high-speed Web and Television service, which is delivered primarily over so-known as “fiber to the curb,” with traditional copper lines running from the fiber hub to houses & businesses.

AT&T advertises more than 510 Tv channels and World-wide-internet plans ranging from 3Mbps (bits per second) to 45Mbps downstream.